Searchable annotations, searchable objects

04 December 2015 10:05
Search field for searching Annotations and Meta Tags would be very useful for complex scenes.
10 December 2015 11:10
Can you please specify a little more? Maybe some examples?
06 December 2016 13:21
I mean like google earth search.,67.7124648,7844572m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
There are predefined places(annotations or object names) and after typeing in a name, camera goes there or an object is highlighted.
06 December 2016 15:37
Hi Nils,

I think this can be implemented as follows. Upon submitting the search results by the user, an application looks up for a proper anchor and the camera is animated to it. This requires some JS coding (too specific to be included in the default web player, sorry)
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