graphic bug on iphone 4 and 5

07 December 2015 14:32

i try to see my app on iphone 4, 4S and 5, 5C and there is a big graphic bug.
i try on safari, chrome and firefox
the same with the logo on your site?

the problem is with the json/js version of the app.
No problem with the html version, but no interaction of course.

Do yo no if we can avoid this problem on this devices (iphone 4 and 5)?

07 December 2015 15:36

We'll test it. Thank you for your feedback!
07 December 2015 15:56
ok Roman.

Let me no as soon as you get a solution.
Iphone 4 and 5 represent a lot of people!

07 December 2015 16:38
I've got iPhone 5S and 6. I couldn't reproduce this issue.
We'll try to find 4,5 iPhones and test this bug.
07 December 2015 18:01
Can confirm glitches on iPhone 4 and iPad 3. We'll try to fix this for the upcoming release. Thanks for reporting this.
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07 December 2015 18:10
For information,

I saw that glitches on iphone 4, 4s, and 5, and 5c.

Waiting for the next release!!!
08 December 2015 16:20
I can confirm this on an iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3
08 December 2015 18:22

it seems to be a probleme with the SDK 15.11.
opening my project in 15.10 and exporting from there and it works on iphone at least on 5 and 5c
The json is good and the old b4w.js too!

i lost some of the new feature of the 15.11 but nothing important.
06 January 2016 22:29
Edit: I was thinking that if fixing the web page will take a while, it might be better to serve a different page to iOS users that uses only a static logo. That way we can at least access the forum from mobile devices. Just an idea as a temporary solution.
08 January 2016 02:09
Yep, we did not update our logo yet.
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