control not working in firefox

10 December 2015 23:05
Hello i just tried the Jungle Outpost on firefox running on Fedora22 64bits and the mouse doesn't controle orientation at all. I'm stuck going back and forth or left and right.

If you need any more details tell me i would be glad to help!

10 December 2015 23:07
the consol throws out
Found hi-entropy localStorage: 463.1728988800479 bits "" b4w_webplayer:../../assets/interactivity/iq_test.json example.html:65:1
B4W EXPORT WARNING: Object "BezierCurve" hasn't renderable data. Converted to EMPTY.

EDIT Self solving problem… I didn't authorise blend4web to hide the mouse cursor…
11 December 2015 16:25

Glad you figured it out! And thank you for your great video!

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