Iframe as texture

12 December 2015 11:57
Hello i want to create an 3D Terminal where u will have normal useable website content like an iframe on the screen. like in this example
14 December 2015 16:31
Hi and welcome!

Do I understand you correctly: you want something like this?
This can be achieved by applying 3D CSS rules to an iframe element. These rules, in turn, should be calculated from the current camera position in your WebGL scene. This method has its limitations of course, namely, you cannot render a 3D object in front of the iframed website and have interactivity at the same time. It however will work if your website surface is intended to be in the front of the scene all the time, like in the above-mentioned example.

We can add this feature to our TODO list to be implemented somewhen in the next year.
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14 December 2015 16:36
This is exactly what i want , would be nice if you will implement this
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