Object visibilty

30 November 2014 22:09
Seems on export various objects are not visible, id say 3 out of 5 ratio. Ive applied all scales locations and rotations visual transforms made duplicates real as well as made each material data individual and made sure all faces were outward in case of back face culling. I will continue trial and erors and post for the issue causing this if i find it.
01 December 2014 10:16

Send please your .blend file and scene (via this will be the best way), now I'm curious to look through it

03 December 2014 14:32
Thanks boss , sorry for the late response i have been trying to replicate the issue with a different scene without having to send you my project and it seems i cannot.. also i have renistalled blender with the correct version and do not have the same result anymore so i can confirm so far you guys are bug free . Thank you again
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