Facebook HTML embed preview

07 January 2016 01:36
Currently, embedding a B4W HTML into a Facebook post produces this:

It would be awesome if the HTML somehow served out a thumbnail or some kind of information that would be appealing to a viewer as opposed to this generic non-descript bit that is served up.
08 January 2016 21:58
Thanks for this info Brian. I think, we can add some nice meta-tags to exported html-files.
16 January 2016 07:47
That would be good to get it so the title and meta-description are the first things found when a search engine comes by. As it is (or as it seems to be anyway), the first thing Google or Bing or Yandex will see is "Blend4Web Player" each time one of these HTML pages is scanned and the relevant title and description will be ignored, thus the page will not get indexed with the search engine based on the title and description, and the meta-tags serve no function for SEO and indexing. Once the page is loaded, it displays the proper info, but by then, a search engine spider would have left.
16 January 2016 18:30
to further illustrate this issue, here is what is found when one searches on Google for "blend4Web Player". My site is actually listed in the page 1 results. This should not be the case. My site should only be indexed with the <title> and meta-descriptions I add, which are currently being ignored by search engine indexing spiders.
17 January 2016 12:22
Hello, Brian nice too see you on our forums again!

From our perspective, an html-only solution is for some ordinary people who just want to export their work and publish to some shared directory or even wrie it to an USB drive. They don't know anything about web crawlers, analytics and SEO. That's why we didn't give much attention to this approach. For the serious applications one can always use own html/css-based application with any additional metadata/scripts they want. Using such application allows for much better control, fine-tuning and automation than simple html.
18 January 2016 00:02
By creating SEO-friendly basic HTML export, Blend4Web's links featured in the bottom right of all exported HTML pages would appear on all kinds of website pages indexed for all kinds of reasons. Currently, those HTML pages are ALL indexed as Blend4Web Player, which hardly showcases the diversity of projects in the wild and does nothing to promote B4W. This is just my opinion from a marketing standpoint. I am more interested in getting JSON loading working again, but those fast HTML exports are pretty cool to have available and SEO-friendly would benefit all.
18 January 2016 00:08
What about creating an automated <iframe> export that pumps out two pages, the <iframe> main page and the B4W HTML that will be embedded into it. Assuming the "Blend4Web Player" <title> does not display while loading, that may fix indexing issues.
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