Material color option output to html file

01 December 2014 16:00
When I output HTML file, I hope that the material parameter object can also output, such as the material color. In this way, our users can freely choose.

blender file download
01 December 2014 17:50
Hello laishi and welcome!

The image link is broken Send it one more time - for example try this hosting :)

About your question - if I understood correctly, here is the list of material parameters that we support
03 December 2014 08:59
thanks Pavel Kotov:
this image here
blender file
03 December 2014 09:25
I mean:
for example, we show a 3D product to the customer, we should be very easy to let customers know how to interact, maybe we need for him to customize a navigation, like Google map's navigation. A product usually have different attributes, such as color, size and so on, these are all customer interaction interest。

We can present a simply can be done, for example,colorway vimeo demo

03 December 2014 10:43
03 December 2014 11:07

Right now we can dynamically change color and some other material parameters of objects in our developer viewer: here is an example.

1: added default material
2: clicked "do not batch" in our tab in object options, exported to .json and opened in dev viewer
3: selected my cube and pressed tab "materials"
And now the color can be changed dynamically :)

Note: it works only with non-node material (we call it stack material)

Size, location, rotation etc. can be changed by using NLA script :)

Hope it'll help
04 December 2014 14:07
thanks Pavel Kotov,very usefull ,by the way blend4web suport cycles? blender game logic?
We very much look forward to。
04 December 2014 14:26
You're welcome!

About cycles - it uses ray-tracing algorithms, and WebGL is just not suitable for it. Well, cycles materials can be baked to textures :) Here in our FAQ it is described better

And about game logic - there's a post in our FAQ, too

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