Camera /character width

17 January 2016 15:28
Ответ на сообщение пользователя Cluetrekk
Thanks, but unfortunately it is still not working. Would there be an issue trying to hear it in the Fast Preview?
You haven't removed "Object Physics" flag from the Ground Object. If it is on, object physics which has an empty ID overrides Material Physics. So, you need to switch off this flag. I tested your scene - it works well.
Btw, if you want the sound to be played when object collides any other object, you can use a special ID "ANY":
var sensor = m_ctl.create_collision_sensor(beer_can, "GROUND", false);

And yes, you won't be able to hear it in the fast preview. It doesn't use scripts, that you have written. You can run your application with Project Manager by opening html link. I suppose, you named it Test_Project.html
18 January 2016 06:38
Excellent, thanks very much.
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