dynamic texture

01 February 2016 19:03
I all
is it possible to create texture dynamacly
with a text file ???
01 February 2016 19:45
Hi and welcome!

Could you please provide more details on what you need to achieve?
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02 February 2016 15:22
hi Yuri,
ok i want use decompiled grib file with GFS meteo data , to make a texte
file like that (or another way) :
#for exemple a texte file with data #
point1=gpsPosition1/précipitation1/temperature1….and more….&point2=gpsPosition2/précipitation2/temperature2….

and take the valor of parameters point1 point 2 etc…. and dynamicly make the texture of a sphere

02 February 2016 16:40
Perhaps you can use the dynamic canvas texture to paint your data on it. The texture should be assigned to your model in Blender.
See this API usage example.
Also this manual page.

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