Alternative export format(s)?

03 December 2014 07:57
I'm asking this on behalf of a person I work with, so I apologize for any lack of clarity, or any mistakes I make in conveying what she means, in advance.

Are there any plans to expand on the export options? Perhaps three.js? My colleague would appreciate something in a "rawer" form that would be easier to combine with code. She wants to just be able to use the output with transparency for a custom background. The balloon tutorial works a bit like what she has in mind, but something about the coding is a roadblock to what she wants to do.
03 December 2014 10:53

We are not planning to add some extra export formats as it wouldn't be Blend4Web this way. It would be Blend4Threejs or something Our current exporting addon is doing lots of preparations for the scene to work smoothly in Browsers by means of our engine.

It would be great if you could inform us of what exactly is a limitation in the current coding model. Thus we can improve something or add some new feature. Or probably we can give an advice on realization of your colleague's project?

05 December 2014 01:52
Thanks! I've forwarded your response. My colleague will be redoing her question for greater clarity. She says she needs an easier example than the balloon tutorial to follow.
05 December 2014 09:55
The minimalistic programming example is here. Also see the hello world example in the docs.
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