Microsoft Edge browser crash

08 February 2016 16:35
Hey there,

I am at work here and I just tried to export a scene of the school campus map from Blender into Blend4Web HTML.

Now when I set the scene to rotate and leave it, within a few minutes it crashes Edge browser. Now I think this is probably a bug in Edge rather than Blend4Web.

But I thought I'd let you guys know.



08 February 2016 18:29
Thanks for the report, WebGL support in MS Edge is still experimental, hopefully they'll fix that.
The Founder | Twitter
09 February 2016 13:39
Should I report this bug to Microsoft? It seems like the obvious thing to do really… I just don't know where you go to do that.
09 February 2016 15:09
Yes, that would be great!
The Founder | Twitter
09 February 2016 15:17
11 February 2016 14:54
Thanks for making the report, let's see what Microsoft can do with that.
The Founder | Twitter
23 March 2016 15:35
Just an update; the bug has been isolated to a Windows 10 graphics driver glitch.

It has nothing to do with Blend4Web or Edge browser :-)
24 March 2016 11:45
Thanks for the update!
The Founder | Twitter
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