Contest: Smartphone Presentation, discussion

09 February 2016 11:54
This is a topic for discussing the contest. Feel free to share your thoughts, to comment and so on. You can post your WIPs here, too :) And ask your questions, of course!

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16 February 2016 01:20
Hi, looks funny this contest!
I'm trying to do something great with b4w, I've started with this simple model, next step it's make the interior parts and with logic nodes explode and show them in my presentation.
16 February 2016 10:43
Wow, it's looking good so far! Keep up the good work! Will be waiting to see the final result
18 February 2016 02:31
I've finish the model and i'm starting with shading.
good night
18 February 2016 11:17
Looks great! I like lens colours very much
04 March 2016 16:32
To everyone who is participating in the contest:

Please send a message that you'll be participating on my mail: we need to know how many people will take part!
07 March 2016 10:52
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
10 March 2016 01:18
I'm bummed that I didn't notice this contest sooner. When I saw it there was less than a week remaining. I tried to put something together but couldn't quite finish by the deadline. I need to check the blog section more often.

But to those who submitted, I'm seeing some nice work here!
10 March 2016 11:03
I want all these phones IRL now!
Well done everybody!

Mentalist i hope you will be in the next one. I really just put my entry in a couple of hours, got lots going on in my blender stuff lately, but i managed to spend a couple of hours every night this week. I wish i had a better understanding of textures before I started it took me forever to get it working, and it's not at best but, it's there anyways.
14 March 2016 20:37
okay everyone, the results arrived!

Thank you so much for participating!

See you soon in the next contest!
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