Falsely reporting(?): "Wrong F-Curve Interpolation Mode"

13 February 2016 17:09
First of all, I'll start by saying: if this is not a bug, I'm sorry.
I'm still new to Blend4Web and there are many things I don't understand.

I am getting this error: "Wrong F-Curve Interpolation Mode"

I understand this is because I animated an object using a dynamic effect.

But the strange thing is that I did Object > Animation > Bake Action, yet I'm still getting the error.
And then just to be sure, I selected all of the keyframes and set the Keyframe Interpolation Mode to Linear.

But I am still getting the error. It's like B4W doesn't want to forget that I once used that dynamic effect, even though there are no dynamic effects presently being used.

.blend file
14 February 2016 16:01

Currently dynamic effects are not supported and also cannot be baked properly. We'll look at this issue someday.
24 February 2016 08:44
Hey, I was just revisiting this issue and I discovered that if you append the animated object into a new .blend it exports fine! So there is a workaround for now, even if it's a little bit inconvenient. I guess whatever datablock is causing the problem, it's not on the object itself. Maybe you knew this already, but I thought I should mention it in case it helps someone.
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