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05 August 2016 09:49

Do you mean this? You can find the sources of this example in the SDK
07 August 2016 11:20
thanks for reply

i have the edit link inside the annotation.
If the user click the edit link then it goes to the edit page.From that page user can able to update the selected annotation title and description.
So i need API to update annotation's title and description or any way to update JSON object value during running the apps.

pls help,..
07 August 2016 15:07
Yes it is possible, but you should use custom annotations in order to update them. Have you looked through the code snippet suggested by Roman?
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08 August 2016 03:50
Hi Yuri Kovelenov,

Thanks for reply,
I looked through the code snippet suggested by Roman.
Now i can created the custom annotations[Anchor type:Custom Element] and i can able to update title.But i can not clearly understand how to create and update anchor description at the same time sample snippet also have title only.can you provide some example for description creation and update.

pls help me,.
08 August 2016 16:31
You need to make custom annotations expandable as "standard" annotations. You can do this programmatically, see the source code to get an idea:
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09 August 2016 11:29
Hi Yuri Kovelenov,

Thanks for your help.
Now i have the problem with the following camera controls
zoom in,zoom out like mouse scroll operation and reset the camera angle to the starting stage of the scene.
is it pssible to acheive the solution through API?…

pls give any idea.
Thanks in advance.
09 August 2016 11:55

I think, that your annotations cover the main canvas. Check it, please. The camera uses the mouse events from the canvas.
Maybe you should set correct CSS-styles for the annotations
10 August 2016 04:42
Hi roman,

Thanks for reply,
After modification performed on the web page,i want to save my design
Is it possible to export file or overwrite the .json file through API
Pls give any idea to implement.

Thanks in advance

10 August 2016 10:24
You can save the modifications in the browser local storage (in the client side). There is the storage.js module to use the local storage.
25 August 2016 10:27
Hi Roman Sementsov,

sorry i was busy.
I don't know how to save modification performed in the scene in to browser local storage.
(I want code for save the scene to local storage)
pls give any sample
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