I try to export mesh object to json to display on webview, put the object scale seem to failed

19 February 2016 21:59
This is the object in the 3dview of blender

but when I click the fast preview button, this object seem to have failed scale
19 February 2016 22:07

Red traffic light in the top right corner indicates that there were some errors while loading your scene. You can check these errors by opening the browser console with F12.
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19 February 2016 23:29
I isolated the object that does this error on scale when display it on viewplayer of b4w sdk
Here is my updated image, first is the blender 3dview

And second is the viewplayer when I click the fast preview button

The traffic light show that have some warning, and see that there are 1 warning that say: B4W WARN: non-uniform scale for object BezierCurve

Here is my .blend file link

Please let me know how to fix it
20 February 2016 10:13

Please let me know how to fix it
You need to Apply scale of the book or set Apply Scale and Rotation on the object, so the engine will do it on export for you. It's a common user misunderstood, you can read about it in our FAQ.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
20 February 2016 18:21
I will fix it, thank b4w team
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