Incorrect Colors/Materials in HTML Export

20 February 2016 03:30
The exported Blend4Web HTML is giving me different colors than the original Blend file.

I've attached the HTML and Blend file. Also, I wonder why it opens off center from the actual model.

Thank you in advance.
20 February 2016 14:51
Hello and welcome to our forum!
First of all: a great model! And I like the idea with outlining.

Now for the incorrect work.

First of all, please use Blend4Web Engine, not Blender Render or Blender Game. It will leave only supported options in interface.

For now if you're using Emit parameter, you need to use Extended material in node setup, not just the simple "Material". It's because B4W exports only parameters of nodes that are assigned to inputs. We will work towards the solution of that problem.
For now I changed all broken materials to Extended Materials, everything works fine

Wrong hair color:
Blend4Web doesn't support Color Ramps in stack materials. But we just supported node Color Ramp, I reproduced your setup as closely as I could in nodes and it works fine for me now.
But there is a problem: Color Ramp support is avaliable only in Developer Preview, which may be still buggy. In 16.01 version there is no Color Ramp support. So my .blend file will work correctly only with with this Early Developer Preview.

Also I fixed a minor error with the eyes. If you're using transparent objects, you need to set the transparency type to Alpha Blend or other that is more preferable. Leaving it to Opaque will lead to a non-transparent object.

Now about camera: you can read here how to set it.
For your scene place the 3D-cursor at the place you want the camera to look at and in Camera settings select "Look at Cursor".
Also please use Vertical Camera sensor because it's the only type supported for now.



Everything looks fine for me now. See if there still is something wrong

Hope it helps!

I recommend using Empty instead of Curve in order to parent everything to it and animate it, because Blender has some issues with Curves animation and results can be non-pleasant.
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