RC 16.03 With Blender 2.77

29 March 2016 21:21
Thank you for releasing 16.03. We had an issue where 16.02 on Blender 2.77 was giving us an error "python3 not found" on the server page when creating a new project. We where happy to see the RC and installed it. However both my Mac and my Designer's are running Blender 2.77 and will not start the B4W server after installation.

Are there any methods to troubleshoot this?
29 March 2016 22:11
Hello and welcome to our forum!

The issue you've encountered is a bug in recent Blender which misses python 3 binaries in its OSX builds. We're going to report and possibly fix it in the nearest bugfix release (2.77a), for now I'd recommend installing Python 3.4 from here.

Anyway thanks for reporting this issue.
29 March 2016 22:28
Thanks Alexander! B4W is really exciting. That Python upgrade fixed the issue for both of us. If there's anything I can do to help B4W development in the future please ask. Thanks for replying so fast.
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