[semi-solved with hacks...] Is possible hidden 100% tags when is not visible (Detect Vsibility)?

08 April 2016 15:42 #8757
in blend4web_sdk_free/src/anchors.js in line 487 you can change this feature too = 0.1;
to = 0;

or in b4w.simple.min.js
29 December 2016 21:40 #14884
Reply to post of user Nils Austa
I modified the source webplayer.min.js
Replace that file in your Blend4web 16.03 install folder and you will get nontransparent hidden anchors when you export from blender.

Hi, i tried to replace the modified source webplayer.min.js in "blend4web_ce\deploy\apps\webplayer" but i have an mistake.

It's not working with the v16.12.1
The .html export work, but i can't load the .html file in the navigator.
Anyway, it's not working too in the fast preview from the Blender software too…

Anyone tried ? Or have another simple solution to hidden anchors from 0.1 to 0 opacity ?

EDIT 1 :
I finnaly changed the "\blend4web_ce\src\anchors" file = 0.1; to = 0;
It only work for the preview, not the .html export !

EDIT 2 :
Found the solution with the post of Nils Austa !

Just only :
- Edit "\blend4web_ce\deploy\apps\webplayer\webplayer.min" ;
- Search line "opacity=.1"
- Replace by the opcity you want : "opacity=.0"
- Save & Enjoy
30 December 2016 10:25 #14889
It only work for the preview, not the .html export !
You need to re-compile the web player. You can use the Project Manager for this: just find "webplayer" at the bottom of the app list and click "compile project".
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