compile ERROR - Cannot read /var/folders/dc/.../tmp..js with advanced flag

15 April 2016 14:21
my system is Os X
with advanced get error (but simple flag, work well)

python3 -p MiProyectname compile -o advanced
ERROR - Cannot read: /var/folders/dc/l6r05ld14_9649b0jfh0830c0000gn/T/tmptkkiglq4.js

1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

ls -al /var/folders/dc/l6r05ld14_9649b0jfh0830c0000gn/T/tmptkkiglq4.js
ls: /var/folders/dc/l6r05ld14_9649b0jfh0830c0000gn/T/tmptkkiglq4.js: No such file or directory
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