Panda Contest, entries

15 April 2016 15:01
Without further ado, let me declare the Panda Contest officially open! You can create any scene featuring a panda, anything you can imagine. You can make a robopanda, you can create and animate a cartoonish panda, or you can go after realism: as all have talents and interests of their own.

An important thing to point out is that the theme of the contest is specifically the giant panda, so the red panda won't do.
Well then, we wish you all good luck and an excellent spring mood!

Please note that this topic is for your entries only. You can discuss the contest here.
14 May 2016 20:49
here is my entry to the contest
15 May 2016 22:51
Hello everybody! It's finally done!

You can download the files here.
16 May 2016 11:15
Alright, entries closed!

Thank you for participating You can find other entries on Russian forum.

Good luck everyone! :)
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