Blend4Web 16.05 Released

31 May 2016 15:48
We are glad to present a new release of Blend4Web. Starting today you can have: GUI to setup HMDs and gamepads, API for replacing images, additions to the logic editor, new materials in the library and various optimization and usability improvements.

The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
01 June 2016 13:16

Congratulations and exciting to see all this going big way ! B4W from a interesting baby transforming into a serious n brilliant boy ! :D

Proud to be part of this community ! Hope soon I shall come up with something exciting ! ! !

Cheers !
Visualization expert!
02 June 2016 22:19
Congratulations to the team for their amazing work! Brilliant features, I cant wait to try these all out
03 June 2016 03:16
Thanks for the amazing works~! All the best
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