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10 October 2014 15:56
What i see in blend for web is the attempt to integrate blender tools to develop content for the web. In my honest opinion your goal is always either going to be hard or easy, bad or good, have an end or not, so IF blend for web is the "wrong approach to your goal" would it not be that web for blend is "the right approach to your goal" .
10 October 2014 17:29
Hi and welcome to the forum!

We had chosen to use Blender instead of developing our own editor few years ago. This approach has some pros and cons of course. What I can say is that having the Blender power on our side is a huge advantage. We are starting to participate in Blender development and hope to reduce the gap between it and the web.
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11 October 2014 10:00
I couldn't come to conclusion on 'smokedawg's' post. What you mean exactly… it confuses me..

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11 October 2014 15:31
The opposite of ("gap between blender and web") is equal to ("no gap between blender and web") so by understanding which one your goal is may you truely see what your path is. If your true goal is ("hope to reduce the gap between it and the web.") then it seems as if your ultimate goal is either the continuous act of reducing, or the result of not having to reduce any more. If by any chance your goal is the result of not having to reduce the gap any more , then i would strongly suggest you consider looking at blenders verse internet protocol, as well as the blender verse addon and you can start to imagine the missing piece to accomplish that goal. Question = If blender is to firefox, as .html file is to .blend file, then what is web?? Connecting computers, or connecting browsers, or sending information.. To find an answer, you must have a problem, look more clear at this example when you use the universal law of polarity - question :whats the easiest way to communicate all blender functions and information without a gap in between. - answer: by not doing the hardest way to communicate all blender functions and infrmation with a gap in between.

-@ visualizer = you msde a conclusion by concluding you dont have a conclusion. Theres always more then one perspective, but thats one perspective.
11 October 2014 17:47
Hmm I'm sorry that is too advanced question to me.
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11 October 2014 18:02
if that is an advanced question then that is a simple answer. it never stooopss
11 October 2014 18:11
theres always more then one perspective, is one perspective!! for there to be something there must be nothing, to choose to become a winner means you choose you are a loser. Just helping keep thebalance of the universe!

ps. (exoteric knowledge can only be found outside yourself using common sense wihin you as aposed to esoteric knowledge which is knowledge hidden within you, but if exoteric knowledge can only be obtaind within yourself that means its esoteric, which implies theres only one form of knowledge.) Your either developing something or nothing but your always developing.
12 October 2014 00:12
Blender as philosophy!
12 October 2014 20:11
hmm… seems the answer is within the smoke of the dawg…

FYI I love the blend4web export tool. It comes much closer to giving a web ready based product then other export options available in blender that give "web support". Please keep up the good work and I am looking forward to see the other things you have in the works for future versions of blend4web.
12 October 2014 20:21
I agree with bonnbonn, times 10! Learning new software features is always a challenge, but you've made the pipeline from Blender to web smoother for me; since I've yet to really learn web design, this kind of gives me a head start.
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