path animation in blend4web

09 January 2015 10:21

Western media says Putin cancelled Christmas this year.
I wish he did, I'm getting really tired of these holidays lasting since December 31 till January 11
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10 January 2015 23:13

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Looks amazing! Intended for students, I guess?

Yes. I do illustrations for physics printbooks and e-books. This is one of the first animated 3D illustrations.
12 January 2015 20:53
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13 January 2015 11:19

Now I tried out that false path animation where there is actually location animation.
Really nice work, Nils!
The only little problem I've noticed: the cube you placed to mask a fake animation has a bit different color (not perfectly white) than a background. Thus we can see it if we'll move the camera a bit higher.
16 January 2015 15:19

FYI, load hangs at 91% in IE.
This problem was fixed. Please expect our next release (15.01)
Yours truly Blend4Web team
27 March 2015 16:20
Hey Nils
this is interesting … I was after the similar but slightly different topic during initial discussions of b4w Example.
These things are really interesting.
I had done path animation previously, as said above it needs to be baked… but I guess now b4w must be having capability to have direct incorporation of path animations when published.

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30 March 2015 18:08

ButI had a problem to see this link on mobile device. I tried on android device in google chrome.

I don't think i need to have any plugin for this…

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31 March 2015 10:34
My kids Huawey y550 did not show it with crome. But it worked fine with Firefox on the same phone.
Looks like webgl is turned off in Chrome for cheaper devices.
31 March 2015 12:52
ButI had a problem to see this link on mobile device. I tried on android device in google chrome.
My kids Huawey y550 did not show it with crome
Actually, there are some limitations for WebGL support on some Android mobiles. Google has its own black list for several GPUs. You can always try to turn this off by going into about://flags and switching the Override software rendering list flag, but this can result in some weird issues. So, we have to put up with some difficulties for now, but we hope the situation will change in around a year, and almost every phone would be capable of running WebGL.
31 March 2015 17:20
Yeh…. but do you think samsung note series phones are of cheap GPU? which google blacklists?
I don't think so…
I tried with above settings in android 4.4.2 with chrome… but as you said evgeny, it resulted in some unexpected graphics flickers on screen…
however apart from chrome other browser played it well. :)
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