SSAO deactivation / activation

08 July 2016 12:35
Hi @ll,

Currently it seems like SSAO can only be enabled / (disabled) on initalization.
There is the set_ssao_params API in scenes module, but it doesn't have an option for general deactivation / activation (?).

It would be nice to be able to switch the effect on runtime.
For example you could have a detail view that requires SSAO and in the same scene an overview that is too resource heavy to use SSAO.

Or is there already a way to achieve this?
The current documentation on ssao_params doesn't give any information on possible parameters.


@ Emotional3D
08 July 2016 18:56

Currently it's impossible, but we have some plans on optimizing such cases, e.g. when SSAO has zero influence, it will be optimized.

Blend4Web developer
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