WebGL Error Message

12 January 2015 20:27
I noticed that when a browser does not have WebGL turned on the error message that is placed on screen has a link to "". This page does not exist, I would either update the page to forward to the correct spot or change the text in the code to have a link to the correct location.
12 January 2015 20:45
Just checked that page and it opens for me. Are you using the latest Blend4Web version, that is 14.12? Also, you can override the default no-WebGL screen using fallback_image url parameter.
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12 January 2015 20:59
This the page i get.
Attached is a screen shot as well.
12 January 2015 21:22
Do you get this page?
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12 January 2015 22:15
Yes, that's the page I get. For some reason the attachment(Screen Shot) did not attach.
12 January 2015 22:44
Well, it was our intention to show a troubleshooting page of some sort when WebGL is not available. We are going to provide help on this page on possible steps for getting WebGL work. For now it just contains another link to the corresponding manual section. We are pretty sure that it is not a perfect solution especially as it looks now. Luckily, share of WebGL-capable browsers tends to grow (86% according to webglstats). For older browsers, it is possible to provide a fallback image which will be shown instead of 3D content. This can be done via URL parameter, or via API, as we did for example in our xmas greeting card.

URL parameter example:

Try to open this link in a browser without WebGL: you will get a 2D image instead of 3D rendering, but it it still better than an ugly error message.

This is what we show to the new year's greeting card WebGL-less visitors:

Hope this helps.
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12 January 2015 22:49
How would I attach the user-defined image if i'm using the data.load method in the API. I'm setting up a file similar to the following tutorial

I'm not able to find it in the API list.
12 January 2015 23:14
Answered in this thread. Good luck!
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