Cm browser crashes on android

24 August 2016 02:49
Hello everyone.

First of all, thanks to the team of blend4web, I am just starting to discover your amazing job but it might become a great way for me to showcase different 3d works on the web…

This "bug report" might be irrelevant in some way, but it seems that Cm browser on Android (Samsung a5 2016 at least) does not support correctly blend4web. The scenes are loading fine, but there is a huge flickering when viewing even simple scenes. It seems like I was using an active stereo rendering with the frames switching between left and right, although no such option is specified in my blend file…

Is this a bug known of someone, or might someone confirm me the behavior on their own device (not really sure about webgl support on this browser though…).

Thanks for any opinion or answer on the matter!

24 August 2016 12:53
Hello LoicNorgeot and welcome to our forum!

Thank you for your report. It is known behavior, and we are going to fix it in the next release. If you see same behavior in Developer Preview v.16.08 (today or tomorrow), please tell us.
Blend4Web Team
26 August 2016 12:51
Thanks Kirill for your fast answer, and good to know that this is a known behavior!

I shall test the new version in the coming days, and will sure let you know if something goes wrong.

Thanks again!
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