Multi Camera rendering like NASA app

25 August 2016 17:26

I am currently doing an app where we can move in a house.
The point of view is like a FPS game and I want display a minimap in the bottom left corner.

To create this minimap, I want use an other camera (in orthographic mode) in Blender.
In fact, I want to reproduice both views that can be seen in NASA app :Curiosity.

So, how to renderer a second camera in Blend4Web ?
If it's not possible, how explain NASA succeeded ?


Sorry if i make mistakes, I'm French.
25 August 2016 17:39
Hi and welcome to the Blend4Web forums!

You can use the render-to-texture feature for this
See also this topic.

Hope this helps!
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25 August 2016 18:32
Thanks a lot, I achieved what I wanted to do.

Just with the first link, it's a little complicated ; but with the .blend in the second link, the topic, I better understood.

So, Thanks. Have a good day.
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