Blender noob with jewelery project

02 September 2016 12:48
I'm a French 3D jeweller, I'm daily using Rhino for almost 6 years.
For a long I want to creat a webtool to allow people to build there own ring…
I ask many companies, but hard to found the good team (budget is often the issue).
I started when webgl was not superoted on many browsers and now many jewelers get there own 3D configurator.

So today I've decied to install blender to try to build this project by my own.
First step try to deal with blender
Try to export creations in a web brower
Found a coder to help me to build the website.

Let's get stared!
02 September 2016 15:02
Hi, and welcome to Blend4Web
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26 September 2016 17:29
if you need any coding help you can pm me (french)
16 January 2018 10:30
I solved thanks.
24 January 2018 16:24
24 January 2018 16:25
24 January 2018 16:29
Reply to post of user martial
if you need any coding help you can pm me (french)
I solved thanks.
25 January 2018 15:20
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I couldnt take any reply from blend4web .
You can create a topic on our forum with your questions. Private consulting is a paid service.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
05 February 2018 13:42
I solved thanks.
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