Problem loading scenes on 16.08 update

02 September 2016 18:34

I have just updated to version 16.08 and several of my apps have stopped working.

In the console I got the error:
 Error: Module "__subscene" not found           b4w.js:207:27

Have I made some mistake installing the update? I have exported the scenes from blender again and still doesn't work. I'm working with the json/bin export. The error appears just at the beggining of the loading proccess even before the app.init is called. I'll keep trying…
02 September 2016 18:54

We've appended a new module. You should link it to you project. Add the following code line to your main html file:
<script type="text/javascript" src="../../src/subscene.js"></script>
02 September 2016 19:15
Ah, I have made other thing, made a new project and copy the exports to the old one. Changing all the imports works ok.

So, it is just the subscene module, I had the modules checked in the project manager and it logs a lot of changes. Well, everything works ok now. Now, I'm gonna take a look at the new improvements, thank you for the great work again.

11 November 2016 13:43
Hi there,

I'm trying to run my app locally on IE and get the same 'Module "__subscene" not found' error on the console. This only happens with IE - Firefox, Opera and Chrome are all fine. Seems like this is happening because of the "use strict" definition in js files as the error code for subscene.js (which is included in the html file as it should be) is SCRIPT1046: Defining a property more than once in an object literal is not allowed in strict mode. And yes, I'm using the latest version of B4W.

One more thing: This doesn't happen when running the app on the remote testing server, only locally when starting the app from Dreamweaver CC.

Ok, I guess I could throw away that "use strict" line but I'm curious why it's happening only with IE and not with others. Any ideas?

Cheers, Harri
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