Problem loading scenes on 16.08 update

02 September 2016 18:34 #11599

I have just updated to version 16.08 and several of my apps have stopped working.

In the console I got the error:
 Error: Module "__subscene" not found           b4w.js:207:27

Have I made some mistake installing the update? I have exported the scenes from blender again and still doesn't work. I'm working with the json/bin export. The error appears just at the beggining of the loading proccess even before the app.init is called. I'll keep trying…
02 September 2016 18:54 #11601

We've appended a new module. You should link it to you project. Add the following code line to your main html file:
<script type="text/javascript" src="../../src/subscene.js"></script>
Blend4Web developer
02 September 2016 19:15 #11602
Ah, I have made other thing, made a new project and copy the exports to the old one. Changing all the imports works ok.

So, it is just the subscene module, I had the modules checked in the project manager and it logs a lot of changes. Well, everything works ok now. Now, I'm gonna take a look at the new improvements, thank you for the great work again.

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