new logic tree nodes

10 September 2016 22:32
i wanted to request some new logic tree nodes and a couple of updates to some of the ones that are already there.

i am a 3d designer that works well in the realtime space. i am a power user with blender and i believe in the blend4web tool. because i am not a programmer i prefer the logic tree process and am ignorant of the coding process.

1. i really like the idea of using trees per object - in much the same way that the native game engine does it. it would simplify so many processes- especially when you have many objects in a scene that need to be manipulated differently at the same time.

2.there are several processes that are available via code that could easily be inserted into the node tree process… specifically the screen cap and text export… these would go along way to creating web and mobile apps that are easily monetized. in other words this would make saving files easy and easily accessible.

3.there are a couple of nodes that work to incorporate with the html code… it would be cool if there was a button on the node itself that would generate code that can easily be incorporate into the website. as an example i am trying to make a configurator that passes information from the html to the 3d scene via the entrypoint that will activate a certain node sequence… this should be done via "Run from script"… maybe a button there generating the script with the proper elements there in the text editor…

4. carrying this idea further… generating the html into the text editor with certain options turned on/off like a standard html wrapper or different options that could be Incorporated into a website that can be exported out when the html export is created.

5. functional changes to nodes…
-make all inserted selections unlocked to use groups or variables.
this would make changing an object a whole lot simpler… and making changing several objects at the same time easier.
-add copy to the transform and move to nodes

6. add to the functionality by incorporating scenes either by using them like the BGE does as level designs or HUDs… this would be great to generate separate html or json files that can be accessed from a scene change node.

7. a save json, blend or other 3d file format that can either be reincorporated back into blender or used as a save file… incorporating a capture of the parameters that are on screen at the time of the capture… that can easily be used in other json files.

that is all i can think of at this time… if there is any questions that you have about what i mean please don't hesitate to ask.

12 September 2016 14:27

Thank you for so detailed feedback!
We'll try to dig into all of your suggestions gradually
Blend4Web Team - developer
12 September 2016 17:39
thanks for the reply.

if you have any questions please let me know.
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