modify webplayer's buttons

15 September 2016 09:10
i tried to modify the webplayer's buttons as written in this link, therefore i modified file webplayer.html in deply/apps folder, but
nothing changes.
Is it possible to modify that file for hide some buttons?

15 September 2016 14:55

are you using HTML or JSON export?
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15 September 2016 15:14
I exported in html….
15 September 2016 15:20
Then you need to modify this file apps_dev/webplayer/template/webplayer_template.html and re-compile the modified web player. You can use the Project Manager for this: just find "webplayer" at the bottom of the app list and click "compile project".
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15 September 2016 21:10
I tried, however if i hide (such an html comment) the tags <div> of the vertical buttons (social link) and i compile webplayer and then exported in html from Blender, the scene is loading but the 3D model and scene is locked and firefox show a thousand of errors…

Where am I wrong?

I attached the html file….

17 September 2016 00:51
hy !
Are you using the project manager?
18 September 2016 01:02
I did not create a project in project manager.
I created a scene in Blender and exported it in html, then i modified web player.html (I turned <div> tags in comments) and recompilated it as recommended….but it doesn't work!
18 September 2016 22:06
I guess the easiest way might be to use the project manager. I use default settings i my current project i chose create default files, project bundled and it works fine. If you choose the right option in the Engine Binding Type you can select different options. For example it is possible to remove some buttons or the FPS in the top right corner.
And you get acces to a separate css file in witch you could set the visibility of the buttons you want to remove to hidden or display to none.
Because i guess he problem with tour method is that each time you reexport your project you overright your previous file.

Good luck and please ask for more information if you need. B4W can be a bit confusing
19 September 2016 17:33
You're right….Create project in the project manager is easier because it's possible to modify more parameters, but to have a single file html is faster than more files for to share with clients….
Yuri said that you can recompiled webplayer with the changes…but it does not seem to work…..

I wanted to know if it's possible….

19 September 2016 19:32
Perhaps you can manually use the python scripts and b4w project config files to customize how it compiles? I'm pretty sure everything the Project manager web page uses is available.
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