alert in firefox when submitting post

23 October 2016 17:11
Im a firefox 49 on linux user and every time i submit a post i get a alert window warning me i'm about to leave the page. So i have to click leave page to submit my post. It's not a major bug but just a bit annoying. If i where going back to previous page or clicking any other link i would understand but submit button should just submit. Right?
24 October 2016 11:31
Trying to reproduce the issue, Firefox 49 on Ubuntu 16.04…

EDIT Result: could not reproduce. Try cleaning the cache may be it'll help?
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24 October 2016 11:38
cannot reproduce
25 October 2016 23:23
well it might be on my side. This is due to JS being blocked. (i only enable it on chrome to save some CPU for webgl ). Totaly dependent on my worflow…
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