Changing defaults camera or vehicle WASD

23 October 2016 21:30
Hy there.
I am thrilled !!!!! I just managed to use the vehicle controls !

But If i use the m_app.enable_object_controls(vehicle_obj) function from this topic
Move car-WASD if i don't comment the
line in my JS file, the same key are used to control the camera and the vehicle.
It' not very usefull. But if i use the vehicle control i still might want to use some control on the camera….
So how do i achieve this ??? For example the camera could be just keyboard up, down, left and right while the vehicle would be WASD.
I would love a manifold example for custom key !

By the way WASD is no good on a non QWERTY keyboard. Maybe you could change the layout according to keyboard layout. Not to bad though, i can switch but it is a little annoying. Or maybe the layout should be forced to qwerty in the app interaction??? I have no idea if this is possible !!!???
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