Fast preview exports objects on hidden layers

25 October 2016 03:23
I was quite surprised when I "fast previewed" a .blend and found my object nestled in a pile of extraneous odds and ends from hidden layers.

I often use layers for things like keeping backup objects from before applying a modifier. Naturally, having those included in the b4w preview gets in the way terribly. I expected the preview to show the objects visible in blender's viewport and only the objects visible in blender's viewport. This would take into account hidden layers, hidden objects, and local view.

If I want to view all layers, I can easily press ` before clicking fast preview.

If there's a convenient way to prevent some objects from showing up in the preview, I haven't found it yet.
25 October 2016 10:49
Hello and welcome to the forum!

Under Object tab you can find Export Options: enable here "Do Not Export" on objects you don't want to be exported
29 October 2016 23:08
Ah, perfect! Thanks!

Though I am still curious if there's a rational behind using a b4w-specific property, rather than heeding blender's native hiding mechanisms..
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