Viewer locks up - browser dependent

02 February 2015 17:58
Using Blender 2.73a and Blend4Web 15.1 I've create a number of HTML files. Some load and view, others just lock up or look weird (not what I see in Blender). I can give better details and attach files if needed. Is there a limit on file size? Windows Internet Explorer seems to be the worse. My default is FireFox 35.0.1.

02 February 2015 19:35

Blend4Web tries to look as close to Blender as possible but there is some stuff to do yet. And there are several features that couldn't be implemented in realtime 3D in any case.

Some load and view, others just lock up or look weird (not what I see in Blender).
Such a behavior often tells us that there is something wrong with a scene. Probably unsupported constraints, material nodes or some other stuff. Usually console (press F12 in browser) can tell what is the problem. Also our default camera tries to align its vertical axis with Blenders Z axis which can change a view you have in Blender.
Main thing one need to keep in mind when working with Blend4Web is that it designed to work only with Blender Internal materials and scene setups. Cycles is not supported and will not be supported (or it will be absolutely another engine).

Windows Internet Explorer
As we've mentioned in our documentation IE still has experimental WebGL support and can have many issues.

If you use Blender Internal and your html seems to crash, probably you've found a bug. Then a sample scene will definitely help.
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