New fps.js module feedback

01 December 2016 14:59
We've been already testing out the new fps.js module included in the latest release, as it fits nicely with a project we have in development. We understand this is a 1.0 version of this module and further development is planned for it, yet we've found some issues already that we'd like to point out for your consideration:

On the move callbacks for the character movement via GMPD_AXIS_0 and GMPD_AXIS_1 sensors, we've found that a deadzone for both axis is needed, otherwise the character will move with the slightest movement of the gamepad joystick (ours never gets perfectly centered and always registers some fractional value above or below 0, so the character is always moving).
We've temporarily fixed this by modifying move_backward_cb() and move_right_cb():
value = value > -0.1 && value < 0.1 ? 0 : value;

(this deadzone range should probably be user-configurable as well).

Also, we find there is a helpful change_flystyle() function bind to KEY_C; this is interesting for testing but should probably be optional for deployment; we see no way to disable this functionality right now.

We'll keep on working with the module in our project, and provide additional feedback should we find any further issues.
Thanks a lot!
01 December 2016 17:45

Thanks for this feedback, it's really important. I've got no time to test this add-on, but FPS games are my passion )))
And I want this add-on to have broad possibilities and to be convenient to use.
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