Text Objects

13 June 2017 09:03
can i do it through api/dynamically?
13 June 2017 09:17
Here is a basic video on creating text in Blender:
Once you have created your text, place it on or near the object you want it attached to (it can be far away to if you want). In Object mode, select your text first then Shift-select your object. Use CTRL-P to bring up the Set Parent menu, select Object. Now when you move your main object around, the text will be stuck to it.
13 June 2017 09:18
How can i change the text dynamically? what is the API?
13 June 2017 09:19
13 June 2017 09:21
Once the text is exported it is not editable. You can swap it out for other pre-made text objects.
13 June 2017 09:23
Is there any way to change the text dynamically? I mean the only way i can find is with textures and putting text on an image…
And that does not sound good
13 June 2017 09:24
Like the canvas texture with earth image in code snippets

img.onload = function () {
ctx_image.drawImage(img, 0, 0, ctx_image.canvas.width,
ctx_image.fillStyle = "rgba(255,255,255, 0.9)";
ctx_image.font = "25px Arial";
ctx_image.fillText("He1llo, World 1!", 50, 40);
13 June 2017 09:26
There is a way to render an HTML surface over your 3D object:
This sort of fakes the 3D element so it is not actually in the 3D scene. You can't move other objects in front of it but it works pretty good. Small video attached.
13 June 2017 09:30
I have not found an example of that which works well with the current version of blend4web. Do you have one, where I can put html element?
13 June 2017 09:33
Answer posted above. We we posting at the same time
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