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03 February 2015 14:04
The new feature for rendering text objects directly is really great, thanks for that! But I am facing another problem…
Blender positions the text in the XY local plane, and this is not modifiable in EDIT mode (only the text is edited…). I want to use the text as a billboard object, to display information into our models.
Do you have a solution in order to display the text in a vertical plane, facing the camera (without having to convert it into a mesh obviously…)?
Thanks for your helps!

David Duperron
STAT Marine -
03 February 2015 18:07
Hello davdup!

How do you want the text to be displayed? I mean, the simpliest solution is to parent text to the camera It is simple and it works

If you need complex scene with many billboards that needs to be near objects, then now it can only be done by converting to mesh right now text implementation is still very "fresh" to our engine, so some situations like this can pop up.

But our programmers said they'll try to fix this issue in the next release (or maybe sooner)
03 February 2015 18:42
Thanks for your answer… Actually I would like to display the text - attached to a specific location on our model - in a vertical plane, which stays face to the camera - the billboard option is doing this perfectly, if I convert my text into a mesh.
The problem is that whatever the rotation of the text is (if I orient it correctly, in a vertical plane), as soon as I turn it into a billboard, it comes back into the global horizontal plane when rendered in the engine…
I tried parenting to a billboard plane, no result…
Perhaps an option for the billboard function, like the one available for the particle instances "Billboard align" would be a solution?
In the meantime as you suggest, converting the text into meshes will do the job. It's just that keeping the edit option would have been better!
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
03 February 2015 18:50
Hi David,

We have updated our plans with the intent to support this case. Thanks for suggesting!
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
03 February 2015 18:54
You're welcome!
I think this will be extremely useful in order to produce simple product presentations, with text descriptions that can be controlled/animated turned on/off upon request.
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
19 February 2015 16:49
In the upcoming 15.02 release, there will be an option to preserve rotation for billboards. This option will be helpful for procedural objects such as Text.
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
12 June 2017 16:51

How do you put text objects directly in multiple sides of a mesh? I can't find any tutorial explaining this!
12 June 2017 17:19
Do you mean like this?

Or this?
13 June 2017 09:02
first one?
13 June 2017 09:02
can you give a detail example on how to do it?
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