join jquery build project There is an error

16 December 2016 11:08
Although rarely use jquery,hope that the next version to solve the problem.
Good life needs no explanation!
16 December 2016 16:10

can you describe the bug? I use jquery with blend4web without any problem
16 December 2016 20:15
I have a problem with Jquery, if you download jquery and store it with the .js files along with Blend4web files when you build it throws 11 warnings in the build process. I had one case where the warnings had no impact but on another occasion the .min.js created from build crashed the page.

If you link to the externally hosted Jquery sources there is no problem.. but B4W doesn't like the jquery code when trying to minify and obfuscate, something like that.

I see in the project manager that there is a possibility to ignore files .. wonder if this is the solution. I tried to use this setting however there are no instructions for it and I didn't feel like trying to guess how it wanted the path to work.

like many things B4W.. guess until you get the right option.. then on to guessing for the next option… good way to try everything and learn I guess ;).
18 December 2016 12:38

To ignore jquery from building process set js_ignore option in the [compile] section of your project's config. Use apps_dev/viewer/.b4w_project inside your SDK as an example.
22 December 2016 08:21
ok that worked jquery file must be in /apps_dev/
if it's in /apps_dev/js/ it doesn't work even with any path.

incase anyone is looking for it.
apps =
css_ignore =
engine_type = external
ignore =
js_ignore = jquery*.js
optimization = simple
use_physics =
use_smaa_textures =
version =

This is the HTML reference
<script type="text/javascript" src="..\..\src\libs\md5.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="..\..\src\addons\ns_compat.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-3.1.1.min.js"></script>

thanks for the reference example!!
22 December 2016 10:20
You can use js_ignore = jquery*.js; js/jquery*.js
23 December 2016 04:30
excellent, thanks!
09 January 2017 18:09
Dmitry, can you help with this problem?

js_ignore doesn't seem to work with problem with console output
10 January 2017 10:31
You can try optimization = whitespace (.b4w_project file).
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