How to make simple collision?

09 January 2017 17:20

I've tested your scene and made some conclusions.
Physics doesn't work well and we are going to solve this problem in the near future.

If you don't want to use pointerlock, you should change some codelines in the engine. Just modify the check_pointerlock function this way:
function check_pointerlock(elem) {
return null;

It should do the trick.

fps.js is not finished addon and we are working on it. Thus we are going to add possibility to customize it
09 January 2017 19:04
Thank you for the answer Roman!
The cursor is not visible so unfortunately. I am not a programmer, i don't know the maze.js into a file I wrote it onto good place this in the function.
I work on the physics, but now the most important one it the visibility of pointer.
maze.js code
My system:
Intel Dual Core proc. - 3GB RAM - nVidia card (GeForce G 103M)
OS: Ubuntu 12.04
Browser: Mozilla Firefox (50.1.0) Hungary Blender Community Site
15 January 2017 00:37
My Project v1.0

Control: WASD + Mouse

It is necessary to click on the rotating sign
1. Feladat (Hungary language) = 1. Example
This is an electrotechnics task. (Voltage divider) I am an engineer teacher and I would like to present the project in the school. (the students start studying… maybe) But the mouse an indicator is needed on a PC.

Thank you very much Hungary Blender Community Site
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