Instances and Glow

08 February 2015 03:31
I know Instances were mentioned somewhere, can't recall where. How is that Search function coming along for the forum? With respects to instances, I would like to suggest that when instances are used, having only one with the glow effect and clickable would be good, such as in a store setting with multiple boxes of the same item, and so would the option to make all instances glow and clickable. Making each instance clickable with a unique click action based on its ID (or however instances are referenced) may also be useful in some instances.
08 February 2015 08:50
This behavior can be defined via API.
BTW, if you don't need to create object copies in runtime, that is proposed "true" instancing, then you can just manually instance your objects in Blender.
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10 February 2015 20:38
I would like to place instances into the scene via code and use Blender just to make the initial model. The store example I am messing with in the Projects forum is a bunch of Json files all with their respective model at 0,0,0 and then placed in the scene via the code. It would be cool to then simply place another handful of the same item in the scene without bulking up the download or file size with redundancies.
10 February 2015 21:32
Okay, we'll pay attention to this.
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