Blender Game Making Contest #23 on BlenderArtists

19 January 2017 11:59
Hello everyone! I want to announce the Blender Game Making Competition that is run every month by BGE Community on BlenderArtists.
We are the main sponsors - the winner gets $150 cash + 15% off Blend4Web PRO, and if the winning entry uses Blend4Web this doubles to $300 cash + 30% off Blend4Web PRO.
Aside of that, the 1st place will also receive $60, the 2nd place $25 and 3rd place $15, making the total prize pool of $412.

The chosen theme is Tell a Story. Your game must correspond this theme.

The contest starts in:

For now you can plan your game, create concept art, but no starting the actual game until the countdown ends! !

To enter the contest you need an account on
Also as an entry you need to submit your game on the Finished Games section.

Please read the official post for more info!

Good luck!


The countdown timer until BGMC 23 ends:


The contest has officially ended! Here's the countdown timer for bugfixing:

You can still submit your entry, but it'll have 10% penalty!
23 January 2017 12:51
And the contest has started!
The end date is 30th of January.
We wish good luck to every contestant!
13 February 2017 18:26
So the contest has ended! And I was one of the judges

The theme "Tell a story" was interpreted differently from entry to entry. I'd like to share the results and thoughts about the contest

The first place goes to The long way home (CG sky). The game is made almost professionally: everything is completed, the game is in a harmony with itself - sounds, animations, visual parts and story telling - it is a pleasure to play it. I can add that by looking at it, the graphic style reminds me of Firewatch and Minecraft

I'd LOVE to see something like that made with Blend4Web. Seriously, it's so cool!

The second place goes to an entry with, IMO, the best storyline - City of Time (Nicholas_A). Under the raging sun we (hiding in shadow and eating.. cactuses) are exploring the ruins and artefacts of a lost city which once was a heaven. And with every artefact we are learning the city's ancient language. I won't spoil it more, just want to say that it is a really fresh idea which is done really well and has a very convincing ending. Plus - very, very good sound acting

The cons. Graphics. Physics is a bit laggy. Mechanics with eating cactuses, as I think, doesn't fit very much, it'd be more understandably to try find water instead.

Overall it was really good and interesting experience. Second place deserved!

The third place goes to The Hole (Smoking_mirror)

Let's remember Silent Hill! Seriously, this game gives me strong SH vibes! Very nice atmosphere which is complemented by very cleverly picked pixelization. Third place well deserved!

Here's an Official contest ending topic.. Feel free to check videos, read judge's comments and see actual scores, etc.!

Hope to see you in next BGMC Contests!
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