Glow settings tweaking

09 February 2015 12:19
Is it possible to add the possibility to tweak the glow setting, I mean other glow settings than the one which are actually accessible. In particular I would love to be able to play on the blur radius of the effect, and the thickness, in order to create more flat/linear highlights (without too much glow in fact, like a thin colored line around the object…)?
Many thanks for your work!

David Duperron
STAT Marine -
09 February 2015 13:17
Hi David,

By using the glow factor setting under the World tab, you can tweak glow thickness. Try to set it to the minimum, that is 0.1. You might also increase glow color brightness at the same time.
We tried removing blurriness completely from the outlining effect, but this resulted in aliased edges and insufficient quality. Probably we will have to develop another method for outlining without blurriness.
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09 February 2015 13:49
Ok I can imagine the result. Is this setting accessible or is it deeply burried in the engine code?
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
09 February 2015 15:03
It is deeply buried. To be exact, this is blur_texel_size_mult parameter which is set to 3 by default. I attach here a screenshot for blur_texel_size_mult = 1.

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