Global Illumination (GI)

25 January 2017 08:37

I just read this post about Mozilla Firefox 51 with WebGL2 support (

There's a video on the page that shows a webGL2.0 made with PlayCanvas. That maybe me think that we need Global Illumination or near-GI… B4W renderer looks like a ray-casting renderer and all the work behind the display deserves a better render engine.

Armory and now PlayCanvas are not as good as B4W but their deliever better images and that is very important because this is not a second opportunity to make a first good impression.
03 February 2017 17:23

Thanks for your suggestion, we'll definitely look at this GI thing. For now we have image-based lighting which you perhaps can use as a replacement.
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11 February 2017 11:03
Hello Yuri,

Here's something for you, from UT Wien. It explaines light propagation in a

It's a shortened but perhaps useful course of realtime rendering that could help you improve B4W graphic engine. There're 39 classes of +10mins. I wished I could help you but it's beyond my training.
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