Recreating "Cloud" effect from Flash videos

10 February 2015 16:05 #1338
I've been asked to recreate the following video effects in 3D. Can you give me any advice on how best to approach this with Blend4Web? Thank you!

10 February 2015 17:07 #1342
Well, everything here can be done with planes and math :)

First - billboard plane or a sphere like I showed you earlier (something about spheres inside spheres), second - animated billboard planes, third - sphere and/or plane billboard, too :) Just play with masks and colors
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11 February 2015 01:29 #1347
Thanks! I have a general idea how to do this, but its always good to get Blend4Web specifics.
11 February 2015 10:09 #1350
Also maybe try to use texture masks - for "cloudlike" things
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12 February 2015 02:32 #1360
I may as well throw this in - I don't suppose image textures can be animated, like maybe slowly fading between two images over and over? I have an idea of something else I wanted to try…
12 February 2015 10:41 #1366
I meant using image to make those fuzzy borders :) But yes, this can help, too

Try this, maybe: time -> multiply(speed control) -> sine -> multiply(0.5) -> add(0.5) -> mix Factor (textures)

Add and multiply in the end are for the correct work of sine (sine by itself is in -1,1 and we need it to work in 0,1 - so we must shrink it to -0.5, 0.5 and mode it upwards - to 0,1)
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12 February 2015 15:16 #1379
Thanks! This should be interesting
13 February 2015 10:34 #1396
OK, originally I was going to ask what "mix Factor (texture)" was, not seeing a matching node, but it's OK, because I figured out how to convert values back and forth so I could use the "mix Color" node instead! It worked beautifully I will link the result of my project in a bit…

13 February 2015 13:42 #1406
As promised, my "Chakra Man", complete with shimmering colored 2D orbs that face the viewer! Thanks yet again for the help, couldn't have done this without you!

Chakra Man
13 February 2015 14:35 #1407
Cool effect!
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