Target camera zoom setting change bug

04 February 2017 22:10
The zoom setting appears to have a bug.

When you adjust the zoom speed from default 0.1 to anything else between 0.1 - 1.. the zoom rate change is only applied to zoom out.

zoom in remains at 0.1.

Tried set_velocities as well as b4w blender plugin camera settings in blender.

Could someone please confirm.

fix workaround?

08 February 2017 08:33
can someone confirm this please. zoom in is broken.

I'm exporting .json .bin, even if I quick preview the zoom the setting is stuck at .100 for zoom in

zoom out .900 zooms out fast!
no matter what zoom in .100
08 February 2017 15:14

Sorry for the delay. I couldn't reproduce the issue. Could you tell us how to reproduce it?
I've tested the set_velocities method using 16.12.1 SDK version.
08 February 2017 19:53
Hi Roman,

Thanks for the screenshot!! this helps.. I will perform the same test on my non working project and see the results. I will work backwards and see if I can track down my issue.

I'm not sure what difference there is between the viewer preview you show and my opening the file .json .bin from the project manager?

In PM I've created a project with every box checked except materials using advanced.

I'm running it from the browser dev link.

thanks again for the follow up, I will share my findings.
09 February 2017 10:23
Hello Mike,

If you want, you can attach a simple example demonstrating the incorrect behavior.
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