Automatic camera transition

11 February 2015 10:55
Is it possible to have an automatic camera transition (animation of Loc/Rot and target) between two camera positions?
It would be great to have this functionality to jump from one place to another in a scene, with a nice transition effect. Right now the move is instantaneous.

David Duperron
STAT Marine -
11 February 2015 15:36
Take a look at this example please. I used sensors (timeline_sensor & elapsed_sensor) for camera animation.
11 February 2015 19:18
Thanks Roman!
It seems to do the job… but it seems to interfere with the "pan" function of the camera… Now I will have to understand the js code in order to be able to use it in our application… that's the tricky part…
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
12 February 2015 09:55
I think this example is good
I mean how it should work finally.
12 February 2015 11:20
I fixed that issue and created a simple interface
12 February 2015 11:43
This really looks great! I really have to add this functionnality to our development… that will be a good exercice…
David Duperron
STAT Marine -
02 April 2015 11:09
For the record: a code snippet for procedural camera animation included in Blend4Web SDK 15.03.

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