Confused about "Billboard/Halo"

12 February 2015 07:21
I'm hoping this is just another case of my overlooking some important setting.

The way I read it, the "Halo" option under Material > Game Settings > Face Orientation should force a mapped texture to orient toward the screen in some way, and Object > Blend4Web > Billboard should set an object to do much the same.

However, in the first case I see no change in texture view behavior. It rotates right along with the object I've applied it to, as normal.

Worse, in the second case I get an object that no longer displays my applied texture, and scales and rotates in a way that I can make no sense of - the screencap shows what I'd like to have displayed above the figure's head, and the linked html file shows the confusing result: if you turn the figure upside down you'll see a horizontal plain white rectangle instead of the 'chakra' emblem I created.

As always, thanks very much for your help and patience.

12 February 2015 10:57
Material > Game Settings > Face Orientation

we don;t support those settings However, yes, our B4W billboard settings works - but only for the engine, it doesn't affect viewport

Hm, try to rotate this plane on x axis by 90 in edit mode - it might help. Or apply rotation to it
12 February 2015 15:12
Seems like my ambition keeps exceeding Blend4Web's current abilities! . The nice thing about creativity is it seems there's always a workaround. I'll give the engine route a try, and keep exploring
12 February 2015 15:27
Well, look here - everything works :) Just turned ON "billboard" flag


Chakra Figure - Posed.blend
13 February 2015 07:00
Awesome! Now I can do some step-by-step modification and see what it was I did that caused the problem!
13 February 2015 09:23
I think you just had 90° rotation on your plane - billboards ignore object rotation, so for them it must be done through mesh editing :)
13 February 2015 09:56
I'm getting bumps and bruises along the way, but slowly I am figuring workarounds Now to see if I can figure out that texture animation…
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