empty with meta tags hidden function error

18 February 2017 17:48
Hi blend4web,
thanks for the great framework.
I have been trying to use the meta tags using an empty and then hiding and showing them to make them pop-up when a button is pressed, this all work perfectly.
The only issue I am finding is that all these empties are visible from the beginning of the scene, even when I select "hidden" on the rendering properties of the object.
This function seemingly works perfectly on all other objects except the empty with metatags.
I have to place hide commands at the beginning of the scene load to re-hide them even if the "Hidden" render properties has been selected .
Can you take a look and see if this is a bug and hopefully fix it.
kindest regards
20 February 2017 11:35
hi simblen! thanks, will be fixed in the upcoming february release
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