Entry Point - Run from Script?

19 May 2017 14:56
It seems that you are using WebPlayer project type which does not allow JS scripting.
Where have you put your code?
Could you please attach full JS code listing from your project?
Blend4Web Team - developer
19 May 2017 16:23
Hi Konstantin,
Thank you for the reply. I thought I had exported it correctly. Sorry.

Here is the link to the project files.

19 May 2017 16:23
i may be doing something wrong in the initial set up in the project manager.
19 May 2017 17:06
i may be doing something wrong in the initial set up in the project manager.
Yeah, I think there is a little confusion
You can take a look at this official tutorial for the Project Manager.

When you create a project in the project manager you can set application type. There are two main categories of apps:

- WebPlayer Types. These projects use b4w webplayer to show your scene. They assume no additional scripting at all, only logic nodes inside blend file (no interaction with external HTML elements). Some kind of simple finished solution to show your scenes + logic nodes interactivity. Webplayer "eats" exported (json+bin) b4w scenes

- Custom Types. These are full-featured projects. They assume that b4w engine compiled file will be linked to your HTML page. So you will be able to perform JS scripting (like above mentioned functions)ю You can read about creation of basic b4w app which utilizes JS here.

If you need further help feel free to ask
Blend4Web Team - developer
19 May 2017 21:48
Thank you so much for the detailed response Konstantin. :-)
I will follow your instructions and let you know how I get on.
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